Iotabee crosschain swap

Q: Why can't I add liquidity / asset custody?

A: Make sure you are connected with your non-IOTA wallets ( BSC, Shimmer etc.) to be able to add asset custody before you can add liquidity.

Q: I have added custody , why can't I see the assets in custodian?

A: Once you successfully added asset custody for non-MIOTA assets, please switch back to your Tanglepay IOTA wallet to see the custodied assets, then add liquidity.

To solve this issue before using Iotabee, make sure that you send your tokens from Firefly to Tanglepay with gift storage deposit box checked:

Q: What happens if I enter a Firefly IOTA address while setting my custody?

A: Unfortunately, Firefly wallet is not supported yet to connect to Iotabee. This means that you can not see your custodized assets in Iotabee yet, thus not able to operate further ( withdraw custody or add liquidity).You should have noticed this via our FAQ on how to add liquidity, as well as in the product itself: before you settle your custody, you should have checked a box mentioning that you confirm that you can connect to Iotabee with this wallet address using Tanglepay.

If despite of all the above reminders, you still used your Firefly IOTA address for asset custody, then we propose two solutions:

  1. You could wait for Firefly to be supported on Iotabee, then connect and operate your assets in custodian. Before that, your custodized assets will stay in the Iotabee wallet.

Q: What happens if I enter a wrong wallet address while swapping?

A:You could contact our support team to open a ticket, in order to understand the transaction status. If it is technically possible to retrieve your token, a service fee of 100 X Tokens will apply. If the swap transaction is successful, the target token will be charged as service fee ( for example, if the transaction is X MIOTA to Y SMR, and it's successful, then we'll charge 100 SMR as service fee); otherwise, the initial token will be charged as service fee.

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