Supported wallets, devices, browsers



Currently you can connect TanglePay or Metamask wallet on Iotabee.

TanglePay supports IOTA, Shimmer, Shimmer EVM, and BSC. Please make sure you use the latest version.

Metamask supports Shimmer EVM and BSC.

We will support Firefly once there is the Firefly web extension available.

ℹ️ If you are using an Metamask account tied to a ledger, the MIOTA/USDT swap function on Iotabee may not work. Make sure that your USDT tokens are in a BNB address in order to execute the MIOTA/USDT swap.



We recommend using your PC or laptop instead of your mobile phone for best user experience.



  • Google Chrome will ensure the best experience with Iotabee;

  • Other chrome-based browsers are also supported but may result in slight performance issue.

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