Report an issue

Before contact us, make sure you have read the frequently-asked questions in the previous page here. Maybe you already have the answers there.

Get in touch:

The best way to get in touch with the team is through the Iotabee official Discord channel:

To ensure a better service time and issue follow-up, make sure you use the "open-a-ticket" function in the channel, instead of DM individual team members.

Describe your issue efficiently:

On Iotabee, in "recent transactions", you have a "feedback" button under each transaction which allows you to copy all the relevant information for troubleshooting. Make sure you paste this information in your ticket:

When your ticket is missing key information, the team will not be able to identify the issue, thus the treatment time will be extended.

General Responding Time:

We'll endeavor to respond to your ticket within 24 - 48H.

Once the issue is recorded:

  • For Iotabee service related issues, it will take up to 5 business days in general to treat in order to ensure that problem is solved in a serious and secured manner.

  • For issues that are caused by misoperation on the user's side, the treatment time will be extended to 15 business days.

Other requests and questions:

For less urgent requests, don't hesitate to raise your question in the general-chat channel, where many volunteer bees are there to help! 🐝

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